Kornél Kovács, the groove master who has given us ‘Pantalon’ and ‘Szirka’ played a magical set at Unit 51 last month. The Hungarian DJ raised in Sweden used to be notorious back in his hometown of Stockholm for being the youngest D’n’b DJ at just aged 14. He used to rummage his way through the record shops in search for the best music and work his way round clubs at a young age asking to play and share his music. Having been raised in a musical household with parents who had killer music taste, he has been exposed to the best kind of music since he could have possibly known. Probably why he is such a diverse DJ, pulling surprises out the bag during every set he plays.

Kornél and his beloved ‘Studio Barnhus’ label which he created with his two friends Axel Bowmen and Petter Nordkvist (who I’m sure you’re familiar with) showcases the best kind of party music which is sort of wholesome in a way, the three have a perfect friendship which makes everything a little more appreciated. Kovács even mentioned in a previous interview at De School in Amsterdam whilst talking about ‘Pantalon’ “It’s a guy singing about pants in Spanish, I knew Petter and Axel would find it funny.”


After Kovács played an insane set at Unit a few weeks ago, we got the opportunity to have a wee chat with the man himself.

Summer is always a busy time of year with festivals and gigs – what is the festival that you are looking forward to playing the most? Whether its returning to a festival you’ve already played or a new festival.

Love International in Croatia! It’s become a tradition for me and my friends. Last year was the first time I didn’t go, and I actually missed it so I’m excited to go back this summer.

As a producer / DJ who has been your biggest inspiration?

Andy C.

Music over the years has developed so much and moved in different directions but if you could be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be?


What is something that currently bugs you about the DJ scene?

Only one thing and that’s people turning their phone flashlights on in dark night clubs. (You heard folks)

What is the one track that no matter how many times it is played it never gets old?

Bullion - Blue Pedro

Scotland is renowned for having one of the best crowds to play to, what is your favourite thing about a Scottish crowd?

The energy and rowdiness.

And finally, what were your first impressions of Unit 51? Did you like the venue?

Yes, I liked the venue very much! It’s a really impressive place. I miss it already.

What a pleasure to have such a legend play at our venue. If you missed out, have a listen to his new album ‘Stockholm Marathon’ or listen to one of our favourite mixes – enjoy.